About Us


Puerta Abierta Bilingual Services is a small collaborative of language professionals in the Twin Cities. Drawing on extensive experience in both interpreting and translation, we are passionate about partnering with equity-driven nonprofits, government agencies, schools, and community organizations to more successfully connect with limited English proficient (LEP) Latinx members of the communities they serve. Founded by 16-year language access veteran and innovator Stephanie Gil, the Puerta Abierta team leans on each others' diverse backgrounds and experiences to deliver quick-turnaround, locally-informed, professional, and accessible translations.


But.. we have Latinx staff, can't they just translate our materials?




By investing in locally-informed, professional and accessible translation of their public-facing content, nonprofits, government agencies, schools, and community organizations open the door for more equitable service delivery and more inclusive community building.


Aside from gaining access to your organization's well-translated materials, Puerta Abierta also offers a range of services directly to the community. Our rates are structured in a way that allows us to serve individual needs of  LEP Latinx community members for nominal fees. Services include translation of birth certificates and character witness letters for immigration, help writing letters or understanding leases or other documents in English, one-off interpreting by phone or text, Spanish-language/bilingual civil ceremonies, and more.

Our LEP Latinx neighbors form a valuable part of our communities and deserve meaningful access to the information in online and print communications produced and disseminated within them. ​You cannot effectively serve or build with LEP communities if you don't invest in language access.

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